I’m Minal – Salesforce Admin, Developer, Trainer & Consultant

Minal Zaa is a highly accomplished and results-driven Salesforce expert with a proven track record in delivering successful projects across a wide range of industries. As an independent Salesforce contractor, Minal’s versatile skill set encompasses roles such as Admin, Developer, Consultant, Pardot SME, and Marketing Cloud SME. This unique combination of expertise enables Minal to seamlessly adapt to the specific needs of each client, ensuring tailored solutions that drive growth and efficiency.

With a strong international client base spanning the USA and Australia, Minal is renowned for being easy to work with and dedicated to providing exceptional value. By offering hourly services, Minal’s flexible approach allows clients to experience the benefits of a full-time employee without commitment. Minal’s passion for empowering organizations, including numerous non-profit implementations, has solidified a reputation for excellence, making Minal Zaa the go-to Salesforce professional for businesses seeking to elevate their success.

Unleash the full potential of Salesforce: transforming businesses, driving innovation, and fueling success.

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